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sriaday's Journal

Seung Ri-A-Day
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Welcome to sriaday, a community dedicated to spamming sharing pictures of Lee Seung Hyun with the horny fangirls world. One picture of our Dear Baby will be posted for each day of the week, for each week of the year, and for each year that my attention span allows it. Idea spawned from many-an 'a-day' communities, but I suppose the real credit goes to theresa_lynne, for her brilliance in creating minnieaday.

Real Name: 이승현, Lee Seung Hyun
Also known as: Victory & V.I. (Japanese stage name), Baby, Magnae
Birthdate: December 12, 1990
Bloodtype: A
Skills: Singing, dancing, choreographing
Most Known For: Being the magnae, dancing skills, performing in musicals.

topaday || ybaday || daeaday || gbongaday || bangaday
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